Cholera Epidemics and Melting Ice Caps: End of “Our” World?

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up and place your bets, according to a collection of studies and the blitzkrieg of media coverage, the end is near.


Studies have presented us with many interesting theories and facts, dictating to the population that the human race is living longer, dying less often, suffering from diseases, not suffering from diseases, in the crux of global war, on the verge of economic collapse, global temperatures increasing, ice caps shrinking, “cats and dogs living together” and “mass hysteria”. Everyday, we are administered ‘breaking’ and ‘up to date’ doses of shocking and riveting factual evidence, that supports the great menagerie of the impeding doom, that shall soon engulf the entire world. Although the media is to blame for a large portion of the ‘end of days’ hysteria that is sweeping the globe, an average person of average intelligence is well qualified to obtain the same information about the world around them, by simply looking out their window or opening their front door and steeping outside.

But, to recap, this is the latest on the doomsday breakdown.


Other than the ongoing struggle with the Ebola virus, reports have also stated cases of the plague infecting people in Madagascar.  Recent studies that were publicly announced at the American Geophysical Union on December 15th, are suggesting that, due to the increase of global temperatures the world is more susceptible to a cholera pandemic.

This looming threat was conceived by scientist from the University of Maryland while studying the correlations between cholera out breaks over the last 40 years and ground weather patterns.

In the study, the researchers stated that the increase in temperatures will create unbalanced periods of time, that are extremely wet and very dry. During the wet period, the disease will incubate and then spread through massive amounts of flooding. Then, during the drier period, pools of water will form, allowing the bacteria to reproduce, at an alarming rate.


The convention held earlier this month in Lima, Peru, was noted to be a failure if not a complete waste of time. The political figures involved the conference spent many hours negotiating a plan, the result was a systems of maintaining greenhouse gas emissions in their countries via the ‘honor’ system.

It has also been noted that the polar regions are heating up faster tan the rest of the world due to ‘arctic amplification’. This process is caused  by the shriveled condition of the polar ice caps and their inability to reflect as much of the suns rays as they once could, allowing the energy generated by the sun to penetrate the darker and less reflective surfaces below it.

This process is not only heating the oceans, but also destroying arctic animals natural environment, like the polar bear. It is also noted to be increasing the amount of algae and bacteria in the ocean.

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