govmu for sale

Domain Name On Sale By Registry

IDL, the company and registry for .mu domains has placed the ex-Mauritian Government domain name for sale. Since some time now, a lot of talks have been going on concerning the official government portal of the Mauritius domain name, Initially, the official website was down for everyone except subscribers of ISP Mauritiu Telecom. For around 3 days, the official Mauritian government website was unavailable for mostly everyone.

The issues might have arisen because of certain disputes that cropped up between the Mauritian Government and the .mu registry. The former had thereafter decided to adopt the domain name, registered via a US-based firm.

govmu for sale

Now that the domain no more belongs to the local government, it is open to just about anyone in the whole wide world to buy. Let the best buyer win.

1 comment

  • Who would by a domain which would create confusion with a country’s government ?

    nevertheless what’s in a (domain) name?

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