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Employees of Airway Coffee Worried After Nandanee Soornack Left Mauritius

When a commission of enquiry for the airport was announced, the employees of the Airway Coffee have been in a state of fear, according to Lexpress. The Airway Coffee gained notoriety in the island mostly because of its manager: Nandanee Soornack, the businesswoman and close friend of the ex-PM, Navin Ramgoolam. While she is said to have travelled to Europe for the end-of-year festivities, her employees are facing a certain dilemma, having to dodge questions put to them.

airway coffee

The employees have refused to comment on any issue relating to Airway Coffee. Perhaps, they fear lest they have to encounter bitter consequences thereof down the road? Many aspects regarding Airway Coffee remains blurry and fogged. As put forward by Lexpress, many assert that a number of stories are hidden behind the scenes of Airway Coffee. The workers are said to be specially worried after the results of the general elections were out, and following the departure of Nandanee Soornack to Venice.

She had arrived at the airport together with her child on Thursday 11th of December. She demanded to leave the country to Europe as soon as possible in spite of not having booked a ticket beforehand. She ultimately boarded the EK 704 Emirates Airline. She had succeeded in having the procedures validated. Furthermore, it is reported that this entailed the early departure of the flight: an hour before it was supposed to take off.

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