Eski Beverage Back in Mauritian Shops and Supermarkets

Phoenix Beverages is proud to relaunch the popular beverage of the brand Eski. The drink will be available to local consumers as from  18th of December.


Lovers of Eski can now sigh in relief that their favourite beverage will soon be back to the stalls of supermarkets. Phoenix Beverages made the acquisition of Eski three months back. The brand will be commercialised again as from 18th of December.

During the first phase of the release of the drink, it will be available only in 2L bottles. The 0.5L bottles will be available as from the 26th of the same month.

The CEO of Phoenix Beverages, Bernard Theys, is overjoyed at bringing Eski back to the consumers’ world. He stated being proud that they produce the two Mauritian beverages, Eski and the Phoenix Beer. In his opinion, relaunching Eski is symbolic for his company given the popularity of the drink among Mauritians, specially during the end-of-year festivities.

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