General Elections 2014: 74 % of Mauritians Voted

Waiting for the statistics of the general elections has been unusually long. Instead of having the results including the percentage of the population having voted made public by nine yesterday night, they were published today, 11th of December, during the early hours of the morning. As the figures were released, it was found that only 74 % of us have voted, as opposed to 77.2 % recorded for the 2010 general elections.


The statistics for the general elections held yesterday, 10th of December, were only revealed in the early hours today. They were anticipated yesterday night at around nine. According to late-night reports, by eleven, nothing had yet been revealed.

The late publishing of the statistical results was due to a delay in bringing an urn in constituency No. 5, as justified by the electoral commission. Last night, though, a rumour was circulated that the urn was lost. No such thing had, in fact, happened. The delay was caused because of a problem encountered with the sealing of the urn.

Only 74 % of Mauritians voted

74 % of the whole Mauritian population have voted: 694 360 out of 936 975. The last elections had witnessed a higher proportion of voters, at 77.2 % of the Mauritians.

Constituency 7 has revealed to hold the most actively participating population. Of the 43 079 voters, 35 192 of them have voted – 81.69 % have thus enlisted their participation. Following up is the community of No. 11, where 81.36 % proceeded to the voting center.

Constituency No.1 (GRNW / Port-Louis West) has recorded the least participation from the part of the voters: only 63.87 % have gone forth with the voting procedures.

The following represents the percentage of voters having voted.


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