General Elections Day Ends: New Beginning for Mauritius?

For weeks, preparations have been made in anticipation of the day of the general elections, the 10th of December. Keeping to its reputation, time flew by, slipping through our hands, and we finally have a winner. The Mauritian population has voiced out its choice: Alliance Lepep has won with a staggering number of votes.


Incidents preceding day of final results

The 10th of December was punctuated by a series of incidents entailing candidates, bouncers, and, supporters of the different factions. Several of these were injured as fights broke out with members of the public confronting each other; some candidates even filed complaints at the police station after mishaps; the brawls fueled by supporters necessitated the intervention of the police dog unit and a helicopter. Yesterday (11.12.14), though, as the results were gradually made to unfold, began as a new day: calmer, and with great surprises. The country is currently celebrating in orange, blue and white!

Public put off by 2nd Republic and light metro project

Apparently, the agenda of Alliance Lepep has appealed the most to the voters. It seems that many were put off by the very concept of the Second Republic put forward by the PTr-MMM candidates. Moreover, the light metro project proposed by the latter had also received criticism from large masses of the Mauritian population. While many did encourage the projects, the majority of Mauritians have sighed in relief that none of them will be turned into reality, as reflected by the results of the votes, with Alliance Lepep gradually gaining advantage over the rest who lagged behind. This year’s elections were deemed to be critically important because of these very projects that have played a certain role in tipping off the balance, in favour of Alliance Lepep.

Dethroned Navin Ramgoolam

Perhaps, the most surprising turn-out of the day involved the happenings in No. 5. Social media were full of posts from Mauritians enquiring about the results of No. 5 that seemed to take forever to be revealed. When the results were finally disclosed, everyone gasped in surprise as they watched Navin Ramgoolam being dethroned in his own kingdom, marking the first time since 1991 that he has faced the wrath of the 4th rank; while some mourned the loss, others cheered in happiness.

The statements of the politicians

The leaders of the winning alliance let out their joy to the media. Pravind Jugnauth described their victory as being, first and foremost, that of the Mauritian population, “la victoire du peuple”; the name of the alliance itself resounds in his statement. Xavier-Luc Duval unhesitatingly stated that Mauritians have proved that they are not mired in stupidity when he made the following statement: “La population a prouvé que les Mauriciens ne sont pas des imbéciles ou des bourriques.” As for Ivan Collendavelloo, the man who left the MMM some months back, he affirmed being proud that the alliance that only became reality weeks ago won the general elections. The newly-elected PM, Sir Anerood Jugnauth (SAJ), reiterated their promise of a miraculous economic boom for the second time; he reassured the population that his team will work towards boosting the country’s economy once again.

The ex-PM, Navin Ramgoolam, finally congratulated the winning team in the following words:
L’électorat a fait son choix, je félicite l’équipe gagnante”.

84-year-old SAJ has thus been brought back to the Government House after 11 years.

Other highlighted features of the Mauritius general elections 2014:

  • To the surprise of all and sundry, Paul Berenger faced a severe loss in his constituency (No. 19 (Stanley/ Rose-Hill), while Ivan Collendavelloo won the first place, followed by Fazila Daureeawoo et Ivan Collendavelloo. But, on the bright side, he did get the third place.
  • Anil Bachoo, who is known as the King of the East, did not live up to his ‘title’. The same goes for his fellow candidates, Arvin Boolell, Rama Sithanen and Sheila Bappoo.
  • No. 14 is the only constituency where Alliance Lepep has not won any of the first three places. Rather, Alan Ganoo, Joe Lesjongard and Erza Jhuboo of the PTr-MMM were elected, with Alliance Lepep candidate Maya Hanoomanjee having the 4th place.
  • The communities of constituencies 1, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 inclined towards Alliance Lepep’s candidates.
  • The only minister of the previous government having been elected is Shakeel Mohamed from No. 3.
  • The only PTr candidates having been elected as deputees are Shakeel Mohamed (No. 3), Osman Mahomed (No. 2), Ritish Ramphul (No. 12) and Erza Jhuboo (No. 14).

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