Has Google Earth Caputered A Sea Monster

Google Earth has captured an extremely large serpent like anomaly below the calm and picturesque waters of a New Zealand bay community.


Since the conception of man, we have gazed into the unknown and murky voids of existence, often questioning to ourselves, ‘What is out there?’. Our eyes have penetrated the vast desolation that is outer-space, the constricting hidden recesses within the Earth, the isolated peaks of the highest mountains and fathomless depths that are the ocean’s floors, always vigil, watching and searching for the vivid Technicolor monsters that dwell, in our monochrome lives.

While Google’s satellites swept the skies, on January 30th, they unknowingly captured a candid image of a large and unexplained disturbance in the calm, blue waters of Oke Bay, on New Zealand’s, North Island.

Although, the image of the strange waves and submerged shadow have been visible to the public for nearly 12 months, it was not noticed publicly until, Pita Witehira, an Engineer, and resident of New Zealand, noticed the strange figure. Witehira stated that, he first observed the anomaly while searching Google Earth, for a suitable location to construct a vacation home.

Witheria believes that, the trail left by the unknown source, could have been created by an aquatic creature that would have had to measure over 12 meters in length, the length of an average sized school bus. He also proposed a theory that, the odd aquatic disturbance was created by a large mythical creature called the ‘Taniwha’; this creature is a reoccurring character in the native Maori’s, folk stories.

After closely analyzing the image, Witheria arrived at the conclusion that this puzzling anomaly could not have been created by whales, sharks or any other known species of aquatic animal. In his opinion as an Engineer, he believes that whatever had created this disturbance, in the waters, maneuvered and traveled at a rate of speed that would be considered far to fast to have been generated by sharks or whales.

He has also ruled out the source to have been created by a boat, due to the fact that no white foam is present in the pictures.

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Witheria stated:

“I spotted it a week ago, we had some property near Okey Bay and I’m about to build a beach chalet up there. I zoomed down and found that. Its way to wide for a shark and way too long . Its got to have a lot of weight under the water to create that kind of drag.”

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