Heavy Rainfall in Mauritius to Persist Till Midnight Today (23.12.14)

The heavy rain currently draining the island will possibly last till midnight today (23.12.14). The public is requested to stay safe. Already, some inhabitants of Beau-Bassin have had to evacuate their homes because of flooding.

During the last few days, Mauritius has witnessed sporadic torrential rain. Today, 23rd of December, the heavy rain has caused quite some accumulation of water in several regions of the island, including Port-Louis.

Rakesh Seetohul, meteorologist from the station located at Vacoas, has stated that the rainfall will probably persist till midnight today. Since 16h00 yesterday to today afternoon, the highest rainfall was recorded at Domaine Les Pailles (33 mm), followed by Mon-Bois with 23 mm and Vacoas (13 mm). By tomorrow, we will have the new figures for today night.

Meanwhile, inhabitants of some regions have faced quite a predicament. Rain sent down from the sky finds its way into the Earth, but, it is also sometimes made to deviate from this natural rule, flooding buildings and other infrastructure. As such, many houses in Plaine-Magnien, L’Escalier and Beau-Bassin have been flooded. Consequently, three families residing at Beau-Bassin, at Dr Reid Street, have had to leave their homes.

Pluviophiles might be rejoicing over the weather. But, we, Mauritians, cannot help but feel the reminiscence of the past events whereby people lost their lives when the floods struck certain areas. The public has been requested to take the necessary precautions and not to go near potentially dangerous spots like rivers and other water channels. During thunderstorms, it is advised to be sheltered safely. Drivers are also asked to be careful on the slippery roads, specially that visibility has decreased a notch. May you all be safe.

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