How High Heels Makes A Woman Butt Looks Bigger & Perkier

High heels have an appeal few women (and, men) can resist. Given the different pertinent effects they bring to the body, one wanting to have a perkier butt might switch to these shoes. But, are these changes really harmless?

Wearing high heels does not enhance one’s appearance only, but also one’s butt in the long run. Heels ultimately affect one’s body, from the level of the pelvis. They cause the pelvis to tilt forward. Furthermore, the lower back is made to arch to a certain extent. These changes affect the way the butt and the upper half of the body look. While the butt has somewhat of a perky look as a consequence of wearing high heels, the chest is also shifted forward.

Heels are generally seen as a symbol of femininity, and it could be adding to the “femininity” effect by enhancing the womanly curves. The backside might also develop a certain sagging effect.

The different effects are more pronounced the longer are the heels.

The Butt – Hmm…

You might think that only the feet would be affected. However, the effects are felt from down there to the whole body. Starting from the feet that are repositioned because of the heels, the lower back curves slightly, tilting the pelvis. The butt therefore becomes more prominent than it already was. As such, heels do not give a bigger butt – just one which is more shapely and perky, but not heavier.

High Heels & Legs

Calf muscles contract and become shorter. The thighs tighten. This gives off the impression that the person is slim and toned.

high heels

Harmful effects?

While these might sound like the perfect changes to grow more attractive, it is to be borne in mind that they are unnatural. The body is being reshaped in a way that is hazardous to the woman’s health. These changes come with pain; back and leg pain. One cannot possibly think that the remoulding of some body in an artificial way actually do any good to the body itself. This results in the spine and the hip not being aligned with each other.The forefeet have to bear increased pressure.

Furthermore, if one already suffers from foot problems like plantar fasciitis, hallux valgus, their situation might worsen by wearing high heels.

Given these effects, one might reconsider wearing high heels on a daily basis.

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