govmu for sale

MU Domains: High Offers for Sale of Gov.Mu Received

As has been put on sale, a number of firms have proposed to buy it. The management of the company owning it, Internet Direct Ltd, affirmed that it has received a number of offers already. According to IDL, many of these come from foreign countries.
govmu for sale

It is reported that the Mauritian government might still be looking forward to make the acquisition of the domain again. However, it does not have much control over the ownership thereof; it cannot prevent IDL from selling it to other organisations.

IDL has not revealed the amount of money being offered by the interested parties. It has, however, said that it is much higher than what the government has suggested. IDL has also previously proposed a way for the government to have the domain back, but the latter did not agree to the terms.

For now, IDL is waiting for a response from the government concerning the sale of before taking any action. Perhaps, they will come to a common agreement like the one struck with the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA), the website of which had also been blocked, but whose debt was recently paid. The IDL had commented on this, saying that the MRA has solved the problem swiftly enough, unlike the government and the ICT ministry, the latter having preferred to file a court case.

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