Hit-And-Run At Riche-Terre: Victim Does Not Survive

Hit by a car to have yet another pass over his body – such was the case of a man walking by the motorway at Riche-Terre yesterday (22.12.14); he did not survive the impact.

A pedestrian lost his life yesterday, 22nd of December, at Riche-Terre in a hit-and-run case.

Yesterday night, at around 20h00, a man walking near Tuna Fishing factory located along the motorway at Riche-Terre, got hit by a car, the driver of which immediately left, presumably to avoid being caught.

His fate had more coming. While he was lying on the road, another vehicle was driven over his body. Yet again, he was not attended to, and left lying on the motorway. It was probably too late by then to save his life.

The corpse was transported to the morgue where an autopsy is to be performed today morning, 23rd of December. He still remains unidentified.

Inhabitants of the region have complained about the bad lighting in that region of the motorway. The case remains mysterious though: was the man trying to cross the road, or was the first driver reckless?

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