Warning: It’s Illegal To Photograph Marked & Unmarked Ballots During The Election

We vote in total anonymity – such is the rule. If anyone violates the regulation, he will have to face the risk of a Rs 1,000 fine and a two-year imprisonment.

The same goes for someone who attempts to take the picture of his marked ballot on the 10th of December, with any type of camera whatsoever.

This ruling is spelled out in the National Assembly Elections Regulations 2014. A communiqué was issued yesterday, 3rd of December, as a reminder to the public.

It was added that any individual trying to photograph unmarked ballots will also be subject to retribution.


  • after results of elections
    he will modify the picture to show elcted candidates that he in fact voted for them
    thus asking for favours in return

  • Can someone explain what are the issues of doing so, Just by taking a picture of unmarked ballots then what can be done with that ?

    Explain please !!!

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