Mauritian Couple Who Killed Employer in Australia Found Guilty

Two Mauritians settled in Australia have been found guilty in a murder case. 36-year-old Kritsingh Dookheea will now spend the following 19 years of his life in prison, and his 25-year-old wife, Kamna Ramjutton, has been sentenced with an 8-year imprisonment. Such was the verdict pronounced in the Victorian Supreme Court on the 4th of December.

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Allegedly, the two are behind the murder of their Afghan employer Faizal Zazai. The latter is said to have been assaulted on the 9th of May 2013 in the house of the couple. He used to be the owner of pizzerias. The couple attacked him because of money issues.

The two Mauritians had to return a sum of money amounting to Rs 740 000 to deceased Faizal Zazai who had gone to their house to fetch the money. However, Kritsingh Dookheea had lost it all in a casino.

The plan to teach their employer a lesson

Initially, Kritsingh Dookheea told the Australian police that their employer had come to their house with the intention to rape Kamna Ramjutton thinking that she was alone. However, he ended up narrating the police that his wife and himself had actually planned to attack and rob Faizal Zazai. He related that they wanted to do so with the intent of “teaching him a lesson”. But, somehow, it ended with them attacking the man the moment he came to their house. The deceased had also attempted to escape them, but the man had then followed him to strangle him to death.

The Judge, Karin Emerton, who gave the ruling after following the affair took into consideration the fact that the couple had financial problems. The debts that they had incurred would have even rendered them homeless at some point. It was further reported by the Australian press that the couple did not even show signs of remorse.

Justice Emerton said to the accused: “Many lives have been irreparably damaged by your conduct”.

Faizal Zazai is said to have travelled to Australia as a child. He meant to fend for himself and his family. His fate dictated otherwise.

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