Mauritian Lotteries Increases Number of “Loteries Vertes”

The period of the end of the year is marked by more purchases than usual, with the consumers lured with discounts and sales. The Mauritian Lotteries, having seen this trend, has increased its usual number of lottery tickets because of many new buyers.

The Mauritian Lotteries decided to increase its number of “Loterie verte” tickets from 5 million to 6 million during this season of end-of-year festivals. The jackpot is estimated to be between Rs 10 million and Rs 20 million. Finally, for the end of 2014, Rs 32.5 million is at stake.

The general secretary of Mauritius Lotteries, Oopmanew Chummun, stated that their decision to have more lottery tickets than normal was motivated by the booming new players.

The jackpot will also include 2 “lucky losers”; one would have a prize varying between Rs 100 and Rs 500 000, and the other between Rs 100 and Rs 500 000.

The sales of the lottery tickets have increased greatly since yesterday, 28th of December. Mauritians probably wish to try their luck as this year comes to an end.

Lottotech has, however, not followed in the steps of the Mauritian Lotteries. It will not bring in new bonuses for the end-of-year period. The Communication Manager, Virginie Pasnin, stated that they already had jackpot records all the year around, and hence there is no need to have any more extras at this time of the year again.

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