Mauritian Police Force Reshuffled

Alliance Lepep had promised to bring fundamental changes to the country. As its government is being restructured, the posts defined in the police force are being reviewed and reshuffled.
police mtius
As the country has undergone a number of changes when the government of SAJ took over with a number of institutions being reorganised, the police force has not been left as exception. As from Sunday 14th of December, the superintendent of the police (SP) Lockhdev Hoolash was made the Acting Director General of the National Security Service (NSS). He undertook his new responsibilities on Monday itself.

The ex-Director General (DG) of the NSS, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Dev Jokhoo, was then put in charge of the Southern Division. He had occupied the post of DG of the NSS for 9 years now.

Keeping up with the changes, SP Lowe Padaruth, who was the aide de camp (ADC) of SAJ during the latter’s presidential days, was nominated to manage the department of the Very Important Person Security Unit (VIPSU) on Sunday as well. The post was previously that of ACP Vijay Soonarane, who used to be the bodyguard of Navin Ramgoolam.
The bodyguard of Pravind Jugnauth, Inspector Manoj Luchun, is now the 2nd in charge of the VIPSU.

In the days to come, many more members of the police force might be posted to new positions. A new officer will be made to hold the post of Sergeant at Arms at the National Assembly.

The post of Commissioner of Police (CP) has yet to be filled.

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