Ebola Mauritius: South-African Woman Suspected of Ebola Is Not Infected

The Ebola pandemic continues to terrorise people worldwide. Countries not having been touched by the virus are still executing the preventive measures and being specially cautious if someone is suspected of being infected. Lately, a South-African having travelled to Mauritius was thought to be showing the symptoms of the disease. After a blood test was done, it was found out that she was not infected.


Until noon yesterday, 17th of December, a South-African woman was suspected of carrying the Ebola virus in her system. She displayed many a symptom seemingly characteristic of the deadly disease, and was admitted to a clinic since Sunday.

A blood test was therefore done to determine whether or not she was an Ebola carrier. The results were obtained after noon yesterday, revealing the good news that she was not infected by the virus.

She was still kept in isolation at the Medical Ward though. Fortunately, her health condition stabilised even if the symptoms were persisting.

The ministry commented on the case, saying that the private institution had blown the situation out of proportion.

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