Mega Blood Donation At Port-Louis: Raising Awareness

Yesterday, 18th of December, the Blood Donors Association held a mega Blood Donation event at Port-Louis.

Its president, Subhanand Seegoolam, stated that one of their objectives is to collect 1 500 pints of blood. According to him, a lack of blood bags was particularly problematic during the time period of the electoral campaigns leading up to the general elections. He thus justified having organized the event.

He also wishes to carry on with their goal of sensitizing the Mauritian youth about blood donation. Furthermore, raising awareness about the topic is yet another aim of his. He affirmed that the blood banks need to have 150 pints of blood daily. Around 1 050 patients having to undergo dialysis need blood on a regular basis. Moreover, certain diseases necessitate constant blood refueling like thalassemia.

Civil employees were given two hours for break time so they can participate actively in the event, donating their blood.

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