MH 370 Shot Down Before Crashing on Diego Garcia, Says Ex-Director of French Airline

Malaysian Airline MH 370 shot down near Diego Garcia by US military to prevent a terrorist attack against the Diego Garcia military base. Sounds like a movie plot? – Weeks went by. Months went by. But, the MH 370 Malaysian airplane is still missing. The circumstances behind its disappearance still remains much of a mystery. Families have been devastated as the clock ticked by without any progress made, in spite of all the search programs that were organised. Amidst all these, conspiracy theories and plausible speculations were also brought forward. One of the theories states that the airplane was shot down by the US in the Indian Ocean, and thus the case was covered up so that the concerned authorities escape the repercussions.


An ex CEO of a French airline, Marc Dugain, is in favour of the theory that posits that the plane was shot from the US military base on island Diego Garcia. He recorded his arguments in an article published in the weekly Paris Match.

Dugain affirmed that the plane might have been seen as a threat approaching Diego Garcia and was thus shot down. It might have had troubles which led it to deviate from its path to fly in that region of the Indian Ocean. To support his statements, he added that people from Maldives have reported to have seen a huge airplane flying in their territory on the 8th of March 2014, the very day that the plane went missing. Perhaps, the MH 370 did fly towards the Indian Ocean?

It’s an extremely powerful military base. It’s surprising that the Americans have lost all trace of this aircraft. Without getting into conspiracy theories, it is a possibility that the Americans stopped this plane,” Dugain said, a statement published on a website last week.

Many others have also claimed that this scenario might have been the reality of the MH 370. Some months back, in an August issue, the UK Daily Mirror speculated that the MH 370 was heading to Diego Garcia. However, the US embassy established in Malaysia denied this by saying that no such proof exists and that the plane did not land on the island.

Dugain also added that the statements of the alleged witnesses from Maldives were suppressed. He even said that he himself was warned by a British intelligence officer who told him that trying to find out the truth about the MH 370 would be risky. Dugain thus concluded that his theory does make sense since the British own the island Diego Garcia.

As the US continues to deny having any knowledge of the MH 370, Dugain maintains that they could not possibly have been unable to trace the plane when they have the best technology in the world.

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  • This theory emerged withing hours of MH 370’s disappearance and it’s no more plausible now than it was then.

    Why would the aircraft have been flying towards the Chagos without alerting anyone it was in trouble? Where is the sense in not trying to land at an airport in Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India or the Maldives? How would a large passenger airliner pass through sensitive airspace near India and the Maldives without being detected? This wasn’t a stealth fighter! Could the Americans really shoot down a passenger airliner from Diego Garcia without the news having leaked out by now?

    Precisely because it is a US base, Chagos is watched 24 hours a day by Russian and Chinese spy satellites; no doubt the French, British and Indians keep a close watch too. A sparrow couldn’t land on DG without the world’s major powers knowing about it. Sensitive listening equipment used for detecting unauthorised nuclear testing is capable of registering the shooting down of an aircraft; similarly, devices used to warn of tsunamis can detect when a large body like an aircraft crashes into the sea.

    The Maldives sighting is a puzzle, but so are many other sightings of unexplained objects in the sky (there was a similar sighting in the Andaman/Nicobar chain to the east). As I recall, the sightings suggested the ‘aircraft’ was heading east to west; however, the Chagos are due south of the Maldives. There is considerable doubt whether MH 370 even had sufficient fuel to reach DG.

    “It is a possibility that the Americans stopped this plane”. It is a possibility in the same way that Elvis Presley is alive and living on Mars. A ‘possibility’, but hardly likely.

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