Minister of Environment, Raj Dayal, At Work: Post-Elections Visual Pollution Dealt With

Alliance Lepep came forward with many alluring promises, and snatched the lion’s share during the general elections. While part of the voters actually intended voting against Navin Ramgoolam, another portion believe in the concept of change and development of the party. The Minister of Environment, Raj Dayal, is already at work to fulfill the promises.

Raj Dayal

Removing banners & flags from our roads

One of the first steps he wishes to take as new Minister of Environment will be to get rid of the pollution that came to be as a consequence of the electoral campaigns. Raj Dayal announced the news during a press conference today, 19th of December. He has given out the instructions to have all banners and flags removed from the public streets.

In his opinion, the Mauritian roads have to be cleared from the ‘visual pollution’, specially at this period of the year, and also because of the country being a tourist destination.

The Minister of Local Government, Anwar Husnoo, has also commented on the issue. He affirmed that the works to be done in this department will be taken care of by district councils and municipalities.

Contamination at Pailles: tests show water is not polluted

Another issue to be taken charge by Raj Dayal is the contamination problem the inhabitants of Pailles are currently facing. It was initially thought that the water supplied to that region was polluted which led to the people falling sick. However, the tests carried out by the ministry of environment showed that such is not the case. He has indicated that the poisoning cases might have been the result of contamination in personal water reservoirs and water pipes that are not well-maintained.

The agenda of the ministry of environment also includes a series of conferences to be held in the coming days, the first of which is scheduled for tomorrow and will address the topic “Disaster Management”. The emergency measures to be taken during cyclones will be reviewed.

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