Monkey Thief Stealing Mobile Phones Spotted in GRNW

A monkey-thief is terrorising inhabitants of Borstal, GRNW. Aggressive and uncanny, he has been stealing mobile phones from the people!

monkey thief

Monkeys are notorious for their propensity to mischief and somewhat aggressive behaviour. But, this one seems to have a fetich for technological devices. However crazy this might sound, he has succeeded in scaring people.

The police has been informed of the current situation. Well, if a thief is spotted, the police has got to be made aware, right?

The news was also relayed to the Ministry of Agro-Industry.

Already, the necessary arrangements have been planned. Cages have been set up to capture the mischievous, and potentially dangerous, little animal.

Makes me wonder though: why would a monkey reach out for mobile phones? Could it be that he is just striving to earn his daily bread? Exchanging mobile phones for bananas, maybe? Some monkey black market, or something? Ah, we live in a crazy world.

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