govmu for sale

More Government .mu Domains Might Soon Be Deactivated

After the domain was put on sale, the government decided to shift to However, this might not the happily-ever-after for the government’s virtual world. Other services of the government might be affected.
govmu for sale

On Tuesday 2nd of December, the website of the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) was momentarily unavailable. Its domain name had expired three years ago, as from the 26th October 2011. Other domain names utilised by governmental services or other related organisations will ultimately be deactivated while they shift to the new address.

The Internet Direct Limited (IDL), the company that is behind the deactivation of, stated that the Mauritian government did not pay its bills, and as a consequence, they had to take the necessary measures. The costs that have remained unpaid amount to hundreds of millions of rupees. IDL also pointed that they had extended a number of deadlines for the payment of the bills.

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