Nepalese Students VS Flacq-Based Spherinity Ltd

Foreign ex-students from the Spherinity Training Institute located in Flacq are stuck in the island, waiting to be reimbursed by the educational institution. 18 Nepalese young men claim that this has been their situation for more than a year: they cannot return to their country before having been refunded.

A meeting held with the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) had previously led the management of Spherinity Ltd to propose to the students to help send them back to their country. However, the students themselves refused to take the offer. Their representative, Rustum Bajgai, explained that they will only accept a full refunding. He also added that they are waiting for a verdict from the court.

Furthermore, the management of the educational institution contacted them to inform them that they have a week’s time to accept their airplane tickets. However, according to their lawyer, Erickson Mooneapillay, the trial will resume in February 2015. Three of the students had filed a case against Spherinity Training Institute for breaching the contract.

Another obstacle on their way is that their visa will be expired on the 31st of December. Their lawyer deems this to be unacceptable since they are currently waiting to be reimbursed, specially now that they have a strong case, according to him.

All stories have more than one version; the management of Spherinity Ltd has theirs. They assert that the contract did not stipulate that the students would be eligible for any reimbursement.

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