New buses of CNT

NTC Employees want Robin Soonarane Gone

No sooner have the results of the general elections been proclaimed, that employees of the NTC are already out there demonstrating, in attempts to make the new government hear their voices. They demand that the director of the NTC, Robin Soonarane, is replaced.

New buses of CNT

Employees of the National Transport Corporation (NTC) have numerous reproaches and it seems that they are not going to remain silent, and are determined to make their voices heard by the authorities, even if the newly-elected government is not yet established. Today itself, 12th of December, around one hundred of them gathered at Bonne-Terre for a demonstration to let out their anger and frustration.

Their purpose of demonstrating just a day after the proclamation of the results of the general elections 2014 is to gain the attention of the government. They are particularly enraged at Robin Soonarane, the director of NTC. They want him to be dismissed from his post.

The employees are not pleased with the changes that were brought by Robin Soonarane. When the latter was assigned the role of managing the firm, the maintenance of the vehicles was no more done within the premises of the NTC. The employees consider this to be wastage, both in terms of money and labour. Moreover, they claim that the new director has sacked many workers without providing ‘valid’ justifications.

The angry NTC employees intend to organise more demonstrations in the near future in case their demands are not taken into consideration.

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