Philippines Threatened By Super Typhoon, Hagupit

Philippines is currently threatened by a strong typhoon named Hagupit that could lead to much devastation, according to weather forecasters. The wind gusts generated by the super typhoon have already reached 230 km/h. It is expected to intensify further.


Many poor communities have been struck by powerful storms previously that left them with thousands of deaths. The authorities are now warning the population of the impending doom, requesting for everyone to take his precautions.

Hagupit, 800 km from the Philippines, might hit those areas that are still recovering from the super typhoon Haiyan that caused the death of thousands of people last November. During the last few years, they have had to bear the grunt of many such storms. The fear that has accrued from past experiences has led many to evacuate their areas well before Hagupit is expected to strike.

According to the studies of experts, Hagupit is heading to a region occupied by 4.5 million residents, Orla Fagan.

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