Post-Elections Day: Go Home Early!

A number of public service institutions will be closed early today (11.12.14), such as banks. Other will have to operate with a reduced staff proportion.


Around 14 000 civil employees have been recruited to work for the general elections. Those who have not enrolled will have to work like normal days. However, they will possibly leave earlier. Those with a lack of personnel will undoubtedly deliver slow service.

The Bank of Mauritius has authorised commercial banks across the country to close as from 13h00 if they so wish to. Branch Managers have thus been informed. The State Bank of Mauritius will also follow suit.

Post offices is also expected to close earlier than usual. The CEO of Mauritius Post Ltd, Giandev Mooteea, affirmed that all post offices will be closed as from 14h00. Giandev Mooteea stated that in case transport problems crop up, they will allow the employees to leave at 14h00.

Offices of the NTA will be operational though. Those of the CEB will be closed as from 11h00. Those of the Mauritius Housing Company Ltd will no more operate after noon.

Employees of private firms might not enjoy these privileges. Pradeep Dursun of the Mauritius Employers’ Federation (MEF) stated that they have not been instructed to close down earlier than usual. The employers are free to opt for earlier dismissal or not.

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