Results of Mauritius Bar Council Examinations 2014

A great chunk of the students taking part in the Mauritius Bar Examinations every year do not get past the pass mark. On average, 95 % of them fail their exams. This year’s results are no exception. What do these statistics imply?

Yesterday, 1st of December, the results for the Mauritius Bar Examinations were made public. Once again, they reflect the flabbergasting trend: out of 45 candidates, only two have been admitted, while the other 43 did not reach the 60 % pass marks.

Could this be the result of lackings in the system? Though, the Council of Legal Education was revieeed and replaced.

Also, 5 candidates out of 40 are now attorneys, and 2 out of 20 are now notaries.

The following is the list of candidates having passed the examinations of the Bar Council (2014):-


● Jaylutchmee Mookool
● Annarubee Ramalingum
● Hema Nishtah Chummun
● Aneeshta Ramma
● Anastasiya Seenauth


● Bheema Ausgur-Bhoyroo
● Daya Auckloo


● Bibi Nushrut Chaumoo
● Urvashi Bissoonauth


  • Sadly enough, most people who swear are not God fearing people. An Atheist may not believe in God but this does not mean that he/she has no integrity. There are few honest attorneys, lawyers and notaries and I have met honest and dishonest ones. If there is a God, then God bless those who have integrity even if they are atheists.

    no mentioned is made in our law that an atheist cannot be a lawywer,etc
    so help me god is biases if he doest not believe in God

  • Integrity and competence should prevail.
    While raising the right hand and swear they should first of all fear GOD !!

    “And so help me GOD” should have its meaning

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