Riche Terre Accident: Victim Crossed Motorway in Prohibited Pedestrian Zone

The man who died along the motorway at Riche Terre on Monday (22.12.14) remains unidentified. The person who last saw him alive, that is the one whose vehicle hit him first, is reported to have made a statement at the police station of Terre-Rouge on Monday night itself.

Nabeerassoule N., a lorry driver, went to the Terre-Rouge police station to testify that he had hit a pedestrian at Riche-Terre. He had to undergo an alco-test which proved to be negative. He explained to the officers that he was driving along the motorway at Riche-Terre, near Pad&Co firm, when a man suddenly appeared in front of his lorry. He affirmed that the accident could not have thus been avoided. He was then placed in detention.

The investigations showed that the pedestrian was struck by other vehicles as well, after the impact with Nabeerassoule’s lorry. According to the police, he was most probably a vagrant, someone without fixed settlement. The autopsy performed on his corpse revealed that he had died as a result of multiple injuries.

As for Nabeerassoule, he was temporarily charged with involuntary homicide and had to present in the court of Pamplemousses on Tuesday. He was then released after paying a bail of Rs 12 000.

Meanwhile, the police is in search of the other drivers that ran on the man’s body.

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