Rodrigues: Young Boy Dies at Montagne Plate

A young boy of 11 years of age from Rodrigues had a tragic end yesterday, 22nd of December. He was returning home after having cared for his animals at Montagne-Plate, near Pistache, when he took a fall that resulted in his death.


The young child, Emmanuel Milazar, had recently passed the CPE examinations with flying colours. On Monday 22nd of December, he was on his way home together with his father whom he had accompanied to look after their cattle. They had to pass near some construction works that were being done at Montagne-Plate.

It is to be noted that there was no security barrier that would caution people from walking on dangerous areas where the earth might crumble. The family of Emmanuel Milazar is specially outraged at there having been no road sign around the zone of the construction works. As a consequence, the father and his son were not aware that they had to take extra precautions.

At some point, on their way back home, Emmanuel walked on a piece of earth that crumbled the moment he stepped on it, thereby producing a gap of few meters. As he fell into the hole, he tried to grab a tree that was nearby but failed to do so. That was how he took the fall and the clock began ticking. He was brought to the hospital where he died, having sustained several injuries.

There were issues at the very beginning of the construction works. When the authorities had given out a permit to proceed with the works, many inhabitants had shown their disapproval. However, none would have thought that the predicament would be so much more serious.

The police is currently investigating to shed light on the exact circumstances of that led to the death of Emmanuel Milazar.

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