Rs 84 Million Loto Jackpot Won By Three Colleagues Sharing Winning Ticket

Three colleagues became the winners of a Rs 84 324 863 lottery ticket that was announced on the 29th of November.

The three of them began the game with Rs 100, buying a ticket at Escale of Beau-Champs.

The youngest one of the group stated that he has the habit of using birthday dates, and that he had just turned 35 this year. On the big day, he had gone to work and announced to his colleagues that he had five well-played numbers. Thereafter, one of his colleagues verified the tickets they had played together, adding that if he really has had the five good numbers, they would also had had a share of the good numbers.

They quickly found that they had six of them.

They then went to fetch their cheque, each of them winning Rs 28,1 millions.

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