MID at Grand-Port

Short-Lived Maurice Ile Durable Project

Maurice Ile Durable ended up not living up to its name: it is currently being dismantled by the new government. The employees will be recruited in another ministry.
MID at Grand-Port

The Maurice Ile Durable (MID) project turned out to be unable to stand the test of time. With SAJ’s government in place, new decisions that were anticipated are now being executed. The MID Commission will be dismantled. The ten employees of the MID were asked to vacate their office at Port-Louis, and will most probably soon be reposted in a department in the Ministry of Fisheries. However, the councillor of the MID, Sunil Dowarkasing, remains jobless.

The Ministry of Environment will take in charge any policy relating to sustainable development.

MID was not to last for long. Fortunately, according to the ex-executive president, Osman Mahomed, 60 % of the objectives it had formulated since the beginning have been met.

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