Statistics Mauritius: Unemployment Rate (2014) is At 7.8%

The latest report of Statistics Mauritius published on Monday (22.12.14) has revealed that the rate of unemployment has gone from 7.8 % to 7.6 % during the last part of this year. However, the year’s average rate of unemployment remains at 7.8 %.
From the second trimester to the third one, the unemployment’s rate has decreased by 0.2 %. This reflects a 2.4 % decrease as compared to last year.

Women and young people – with the latter making up 46 % of the unemployed people – are the two categories who make up a great chunk of the unemployed. 20 000 young people are still unemployed, with 10 000 of them being in the age group 16 – 24, looking for their first job.

Around 43 600 individuals have been unemployed during the last trimester of 2014, as compared to 44 500 during the second trimester and 45 900 last year.

By the end of this year (2014), 529 700 Mauritians are salary-earners, with 335 100 men among these. It is recorded that 4 100 men were recruited between the second and third trimesters of 2014, while simultaneously, 1 100 were left unemployed. Meanwhile, 18 500 men are currently in search of jobs.

At the end of the third trimester, 194 000 woman have found a job, with 25 100 still jobless.

They say education is the key. Indeed, 16 % of the unemployed people (7200 of them) did not go through the CPE, while 30 % (13 200) do not have an SC; 13 700 remain without job experience.

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