Teenage Support of Alliance Lepep Hit By Opposing Supporters Went Through Surgery

A teenage boy got caught in the fights of the opposing factions during the day of the general elections held on the 10th of December. He was hit at the forehead when he was in a car that was part of a procession following the vehicle carrying the urns to the Aryan Vedic center at Vacoas. His injuries necessitated surgical intervention. His state has improved ever since, but he is still hospitalised.

This year’s general elections will remain etched in the memory of Mauritians, but, to a greater extent for some of us particularly, like those who had to bear the brunt of certain incidents. A 14-year-old teenager was severely wounded on Wednesday evening. He was part of the procession that followed the voting urns to the Aryan Vedic center, at Vacoas. Around ten cars were following the vehicle that was carrying the ballots to the center.

The teenager was accompanied by his uncle. They were supporters of Alliance Lepep.

As they were travelling to their destination, he was assaulted by some political activists. They hit him at the level of the skull. He was immediately transported to Victoria hospital at Candos where he had had to go through surgery. He is currently in the intensive unit of the hospital.

His uncle related that the boy was sitting on the back seat, behind the driver, while he was on the front passenger seat. Around 20h20, they noticed men, allegedly of the MMM, who were also associated with a well-known bouncer of Vacoas, approach them with iron bars in their hands. They started hitting all the Alliance Lepep vehicles. Unfortunately for the young boy, the window at his side was open and he got hit by one of the men on his forehead. The injuries looking serious enough, the uncle had to leave the procession and he immediately brought his nephew to the hospital.

The medical personnel of the hospital did an X-ray and determined that the teenager had to stay in the hospital overnight. However, he wanted to return home. Once home, he complained of suffering intense headaches. He still did not return to the hospital to attend to his injuries.

He soon had to seek medical assistance though. He went to the hospital on Saturday. After examining him, the doctor decided to go for surgery.

By now, the health condition of the adolescent has improved, but he is still under observation.

The father has filed a complaint at the police station of Vacoas. He explained that he has long been an activist of the MMM, but he has shifted to working for Alliance Lepep some months back. He narrated that ever since he has adhered to the latter, he has had to face provocation from the opposing teams. With the police case opened, the uncle added that he is able to recognize the individuals who hit his nephew.

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