Terrorizing Dinosaur in Taiwan City Was Actually A Hippo

The hippopotamus is not known for being a graceful creature. Recently a rogue hippo had broken free of a transport vehicle in Taiwan, fracturing its leg and startling local residents.

road hippo

Frightened and confused residents of central Miaoli county, Taiwan, frantically dialed their local law enforcement and emergency rescue services, with wild tales of mayhem and carnage, after witnessing a terrifying disturbance in the urban streets, leading them to believe that a living and breathing dinosaur was terrorizing the city.

However, after the city’s animal control and police officials arrived at the scene, they deduced that the mysterious beast, who according to numerous accounts had been seen ‘flying’, was actually an ordinary hippopotamus.

The bizarre chain of events that led up to the troubling predicament in Taiwan, began, when a large truck, that was transporting a hippo named “A Ho”, came to an abrupt stop, spoofing the confined beast within a glass box attached to the rear of the vehicle. Then, with a powerful leap towards freedom, the  frightened animal charged through the walls of the confining box, became airborne for several seconds, and then was pulled by gravity, back toward the Earth below it, before landing on a small, white, four door car, and finally hitting the ground, breaking its leg in the process.

The disturbing sound that was created when the hippopotamus finally collided with the street, drew the attention from one woman sitting in her home. Who was quoted by the United Daily News, that after she ran to investigate the source of the noise, she had discovered what she believed to be a ‘dinosaur’ lying on the ground.

The driver of the truck that contained “A Ho”, the hippo, was quoted by the same paper, to have seen the animal “flying out”, of the vehicle after it had appeared to have been spooked.

After lying on the ground for several hours, a different truck with a large cargo container arrived to aid the disgruntled hippopotamus. “A Ho”, was then carefully placed into the unit and rushed to its farm in central Taichung city. The hippo is believed to fully recover from the incident.

Authorities from the city stated that the owner of the animal could be fined as much as Tw$75,000 ($2,400), for the negligent care of the animal, violating animal protection laws, and for the injuries sustained to the animal’s leg and teeth.

The hippo was noted to be the star attraction of a local wildlife farm, and was once featured on a popular television soap opera.

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