Thieves Steal Rs 20700 Worth of Loterry Scratch Card in Rodrigues

Lottery tickets of a value of Rs 20 700 have been stolen from a shop in Rodrigues. Noone has been arrested yet.
Perhaps, if Lady Luck is not working in your favour, you have to push her to do it? This must have been the motto of lottery ticket robbers in Songes, Rodrigues. A shop owner, an inhabitant of Ile-Michel, who is also a member of the Regional Assembly, stated that a large number of tickets have disappeared from the 29th of November to the 1st of December.

The owner was away from his shop for a while. He related that the number of stolen tickets is tantamount to Rs 20 700.

Upon discovering the loss, he reported the case to the police of Rivière-Coco. The thieves are said to have entered the shop by breaking in through a wooden window pane.

No suspect has been mentioned yet.

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