Tourists Fooled Into Buying “Miraculous Water” at Grand Bassin

A 50-year-old Mauritian, Ravinraj Beekharry, has been arrested after two tourists complained about him to the police. He is said to have deceived the couple into buying a Rs 3 000 bottle of soi-disant “miraculous water”.

miraculous water

An inhabitant of Quatre-Bornes, 50-year-old Ravinraj Beekharry, has fooled a French tourist couple into buying a bottle of “miraculous water” at Rs 3 000. The water is said to come from the Grand-Bassin lake, considered sacred by the Hindu community of Mauritius. The magical water turned out to be litchi wine.

The tourists thereafter filed a complaint at the police station, in the aftermath of which, Ravinraj Beekharry was arrested.

The tourists related that they were staying at Grand-Baie. The man managed to talk them into believing that he could provide them with a “miraculous water” that holds a wide array of benefits. The young woman convinced her husband to buy the bottle of water at Rs 3 000. When they visited the lake on the 1st of December, they decided to taste the water. It was then that they discovered that they had been fooled.

When the police was informed of the incident, the suspect was arrested and put into the custody of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Vacoas.

The police officers intend to find out if Ravinraj Beekharry has bagged other victims in the past.

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