U.S Government Releases Shocking Report On CIA Brutality

The US Government has released an official report on the inhumane and brutal torture tactics inflected on detained terrorist suspects. The 528-page document reveals dozens of recorded cases of lies, dishonesty, cover-ups and brutality.

CIA Headquarters Building in McLean, Virginia

The inquiry was led by US senator Dianne Feinstein, her objective was not to scrutinize the morality of the CIA’s actions, but to prove how ineffective the torture was. She hoped that the contents of the document will prevent any similar techniques to be utilized in any future attempts to extract valuable intelligence from detainees.

The investigation held by the US Senate Intelligence committee, spanned the course of five years to accumulate a sufficient amount of data to accurately portray the vile atrocities that were forced upon the CIA’s prisoners. Numerous documented cases of the CIA’s willful deceit to higher raking officials in congress, other CIA members and even the White House have been made public in the report. The subject of one internal CIA memo was to withhold information from, at the time the current, Secretary of State , Colin Powell.

Another collection of CIA memos and communiques revolve around the disturbing account of Abu Zubayda, a high-profile al-Qaeda member.

In March of 2002, Zubayda was captured by a joint effort of CIA, FBI, and Pakistani intelligence officials, in Pakistan after the CIA paid a reported 10 million dollar reward for the information that would lead to his arrest. During Zubyda’s arrest, he was shot several times, inflicting wounds to his thigh, testicle and abdomen. He along with several other individuals, were taken to a hospital for medical attention and after his release, transported to several CIA ‘black sites’ or secret prisons, located all across the world.

At some point in 2002, the severely injured prisoner was committed to a secret prison in Thailand, where he was reported to be highly cooperative with US agents. Despite his cooperation, members of the FBI and CIA proceeded to utilize increasingly violent means of torture on Zabayda. He was placed under a 24 hour interrogation process, that included sleep deprivation, regular beatings, stuffed into a coffin like box, and water boarding. The tortured was halted only after the subject went into “violent spasms of the body and torso”, the torture continued in that manner for another 17 days.By October of 2002, Zubayda was water boarded a recorded 83 times and held in the coffin like box for roughly 300 hours.

CIA agents who were actively involved and witnessed the interrogation were mentioned in a superior agent’s memo, that stated, “several of the team members were severely affected,some to the point of tears and choking up”, later in the memo it was reported to have stated, ” two, perhaps three”, agents were “likely to transfer”.

In 2009 it was publicly released that the US government may have over estimated Abu Zabayda’s importance of the terrorist group al-Qaeda.

The CIA claims that from 2002 to 2014 only 3 men have ever been water boarded under their custody.

The CIA does have plans to submit a rebuttal to the recently released reports.

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