Wet Christmas in Mauritius – Torentail Rain Expected Today Afternoon

Mauritius island has been thoroughly drenched since yesterday (23.12.14). The forecasts recently made imply that the situation might persist today as well. According to the Director of the Meteorological Center at Vacoas, Mamade Beebeejaun, a torrential rain warning can possibly be let out later during the afternoon.

Mamade Beebeejaun explained that while it has stopped raining in many regions of Mauritius, the possibility of having more downpour during the afternoon cannot be disregarded because of the air masses floating above us accounting for the rain still being unstable. This instability favours thunderstorms.

At around one today morning, a general calm weather condition was observed. Still, some areas had 5 to 10 mm of rain during the early hours of the morning.

Currently being in the end-of-year mood where people wish to celebrate and have fun, the meteorologist thinks that it is even more necessary to issue torrential rain warnings in case it continues raining to prevent any mishap.

Until now, the figures published show that Domaine Les Pailles has been hit by the most rain with 120 mm. Following is Port-Louis, where 110 mm of rain was recorded.

Stay sheltered and stay, everyone!

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