2015 Changes In the Mauritian Education System

The president of the PSEU addressed a number of issues relating to the education system during a press conference on the 8th of January.
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Now that we have Alliance Lepep at the head of the State, a number of changes are underway. What about the education system? The Primary School Employees Union (PSEU) has requested for some answers relating to certain aspects governing education in Mauritius. The president of the PSEU, Kassinathdoss Jeeanlall, has asked the government to abrogate the Education Act so that private tuitions are not illegal for standard four pupils. He argued that parents should be free to decide whether their children are to take private tuitions or not.He also added that the Enhancement Program cannot replace private tuitions.

Speaking of the Enhancement Program, he has suggested that while it is not to be abolished, the material imparted to the students should be changed to remedial education instead of subjects that are not representative of the school curriculum like art and music. He affirms that parents would rather have their children learning the school subjects during that time than the other ones.

Kassinathdoss Jeeanlall also spoke of the 9-year schooling. He asked for details concerning the project. Having a clear idea of the project would enable them to determine whether CPE should indeed be abolished.

Furthermore, he has requested minister Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun to review the curriculum because, according to him, many concepts therein have become obsolete. He mentioned as example how standard five pupils are required to learned “five factors to consider when setting up a factory”.

The president of the PSEU had a whole list of topics that he deemed necessary to address, in which he included the issue of the transfer of teachers. He stated that teachers working in star schools are never transferred to those schools that have relatively lower performances, and that favouritism should be stopped.

The PSEU also demands the resignation of Vinod Seegum from the post of the president of the Government Teachers Union (GTU). He argued that the latter is also the head teacher of an educational institution, and that, given his position, he would not adequately defend the cause of teachers, which is supposed to be the aim of the GTU.

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