air asia black box

Air Asia Flight 8501 Black Boxes Expected To Be Found This Week

From the reports relating to the updated news of the Air Asia flight 8501, finding the missing black box recorders will most likely be successful by the end of this week. Divers were sent at sea to verify whether they are still attached to the tail of the airplane, or if they are in its vicinity.
air asia black box

Air Asia flight 8501 vanished on the 28th of December, marking the end of a grim year with similar cases of missing airplanes. Search programs were organised to find the debris, the dead passengers (they were 162 and none survived the crash into the ocean) and the black box recorders. While a number of bodies were spotted, the main indicative devices that are to shed light on the what went wrong with the plane remained missing. Finding the black box is crucial in determining what happened to the airplane before it crashed. Divers were thus sent into the Java Sea today to look for the recorders.

The reason behind the crash remains foggy. The only way to find out the truth of that tragedy is to lay hands on the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder that would undoubtedly give indications of the situation that led to the disappearance of the plane.

Uptil now, 40 bodies have been removed from the ocean near Borneo. Larger pieces of debris were detected by sonar on the sea floor, but the strong winds had made it difficult for the divers to find them. Weather warnings have been issued for Friday as well.

The recorders of the airplane which was an Airbus A320-200 are found in the vicinity of its tail. The tail was located on Wednesday, upside down in the sea bed. It had been in a position 30 kilometers from the last known location of the plane, around 30 meters deep. The next step to follow is to verify if the black box is still adhered to the tail, or if it has been detached and sent flying a distance away. Acoustic pinger locators were made part of the search to scan for signals emanating from the black box. Furthermore, a team of 84 divers are currently looking for it.

Spotting the recorders would only be part of the search program. Afterwards, the tail would have to be lifted from the ocean with a solid crane.

Lifting the plane’s tail will be supervised by the Indonesian armed forces chief Moeldoko. It is expected to be accomplished by tomorrow, Friday 8th of January.

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