Air Asia Flight 8501 Preliminary Crash Report To Be Published on 28th January

The preliminary report on the AirAsia plane crash will be published on the 28th of January. The investigators are working on the case, trying to reconstruct the events that caused the crash into Java Sea: did it happen because of human error or uncontrolled problems relating to the plane? What has been determined so far is that no act of terrorism was behind the mishap.

On the 28th of December, flight QZ 8501 of AirAsia went missing, marking the end of a grim year for that region of the world which has lived through several plane crashes in 2014. Investigations later revealed that the plane had crashed into Java Sea. The debris was located with the assistance of ships and divers.

The black boxes (the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder) were also successfully retrieved from the ocean after days of search. Over one hundred people were onboard the plane, and only 53 bodies have been spotted until now. Bad weather and unnavigable waters have, from then on, made it difficult to locate the remaining corpses. Ever since the black boxes were lifted from the sea, the investigators have been focusing on their analysis to generate a clear idea as to what led to the crash.

From the evaluation of the information obtained from the cockpit voice recorder, the investigators concluded that the crash had nothing to do with terrorists, and thereby ruling out the possibility of it being an act of terrorism. One of the officers, Nurcahyo Utomo, explained that they did not capture any sound of other people or explosion from the recorder.

Having eliminated this possibility, the investigators moved on to that of the plane having had dangerous defects as well as human factors that might have accounted for the crash. Furthermore, bad weather could have led to the sad turn of events, according to the meteorological agency of Indonesia. Nurcahyo Utomo stated that the investigators will now have to verify as to how did the systems making up the plane and the people in charge of it responded to the bad weather. Invaluable data concerning the plane will be available from the flight data recorder which keeps track of every important part of the plane, recording the altitude at which it is flying together with its direction.

Any additional information pertaining to the information gleaned from the two recorders will only be revealed at the release of the report by the end of this month, as asserted another investigator, Ertata Lananggalih.

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