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Bansi: Cyclone Warning Class 4 Maintained in Rodrigues

As cyclone Bansi was moving further away from Mauritius, Rodrigues was becoming increasingly threatened. Currently, a warning class 4 is in force in the island. Strong gusts have been recorded. More torrential rain is expected. The possibility of tidal waves is also hovering over the island.

Bansi turned out to be more threatening to Rodrigues than to us. While Mauritius is recovering from the chilly and windy atmosphere, our sister island is currently facing intense cyclonic weather.

At around 4:00 a.m, today, 16th of January, Bansi was at its closest to Rodrigues, at 100 km at the north-east of the island. The Rodrigues population at large is having to bear the brunt of Bansi: a cyclone warning class four has thus been maintained, as indicated by the weather bulletin at 6:00 a.m. At 6:00 a.m, Bansi was at 120 km at the north-north-east of the country.

Bansi has brought yet more torrential rain and thunder over Rodrigues.

Incredibly strong winds have been observed. The recorded speeds of the gusts hitting the different regions of Rodrigues are as follows:

  • Citronelle: 133 km/h
  • Pointe Canon: 126 km/h
  • Plaine Corail: 124 km/h

Coastal areas are vulnerable to tidal waves and might hence be inundated later during the day, according to the report of the meteorologists.

The people of Rodrigues are advised to remain cautious and not to set feet out of the house unnecessarily. Remaining inside the sheltered houses is highly recommended.

For now, cyclone Bansi is moving in an east-south-east direction at a speed of 15 km/h. It is gradually moving away from Rodrigues.

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