Bansi Leaves Rodrigues With Moderate Damage

Cyclone Bansi will soon disappear into oblivion. It is no longer considered to be a threat to Rodrigues. The previous meteorological reports affirm that it is to gradually move away from the island. By today afternoon, 16th of January, the cyclone warning was already removed.

Bansi was located at around 240 km at the east-south-east of Petit Gravier, Rodrigues, in the early afternoon today, moving at a speed of 20 km/h, moving further away.

Rodrigues is now therefore safe from the cyclonic gusts that have hit many of its regions since yesterday. But, the rain might persist because of clouds hovering over Rodrigues. The wind is expected to blow from the south-east at 40 to 50 km/h, with gusts reaching to 90 km/h.

Bansi is leaving, but not without damage. Several houses have been inundated. Firemen have been called to help the inhabitants of the affected zones to get rid of the accumulated water. 90 % of the households have had no electricity in the morning when a cyclone warning class four was still in force in the island. 115 people have sought shelter in the refuge centers spread across Rodrigues.

Some of the fields gracing the land of Rodrigues have helplessly felt the impact of Bansi. The roads are blocked, specially in the North, South and East of the island. The phone network has also been perturbed.

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