Charlie Hebdo: Barbaric Terrorist Attack Hits France

Qualified as of “exceptional barbarity” by French president Francois Hollande, the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo in France today has resulted in 12 deaths. 3 gunmen have shot dead 10 people working for the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo as well as 2 police officers at about 12:00 GMT.


A massive operation is currently under way to locate the 3 terrorists who are suspected to be linked to Islamist terror groups.

According to an eye witness Benoit Bringer, 2 gunmen dressed in black and masked, entered Charlie Hebdo’s building and starting firing in an attempt to kill the maximum amount of people. The attackers were reportedly carrying Kalashnikovs. The men were then seen fleeing the building.



The terrorists switched cars after fleeing the crime scene.

US President Barack Obama has condemned the “horrific shooting”, offering to provide any assistance needed “to help bring these terrorists to justice”.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron said in a tweet: “The murders in Paris are sickening. We stand with the French people in the fight against terror and defending the freedom of the press.” (BBC)

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