Cyclone Chedza Killed More Than 20 People in Madagascar

Cyclone Chedza is wreaking havoc in Madagascar. Already, more than 25 have met with death as a consequence of the cyclone, and thousands of inhabitants are still affected by floods. Many are now homeless.

chedza cyclone

The disaster hit Madagascar on the 16th and 17th of January. The National Disaster Risk Management Office (BNGRC) has recorded 117 181 people to be the victims of floods, including those living in the regions of Analamanga (located in the center), Bongolava (west), Menabe southwest), Atsimo Atsinanana and Vatovavy Fitovinany (southeast). Most areas of the country have been facing the accumulation of rainwater, power cut and landslides. It seems like this is just the beginning and that the losses to be incurred by the country might increase in the coming days.

Most of the deaths have resulted from the floods, with many having been caught off-guard, while others have died under their crumbling houses.

In the southeast of the large island, 52 936 people have been rendered homeless.

Educational institutions have also been severely damaged, as indicated by the Minister of Education, Paul Rabary; 157 primary schools, 14 secondary ones and 5 high schools have been touched by the wrath of Chedza.

Rivers have been unable to contain the excess water they have received. Ikopa river has had water reaching till 4.81 m at Bevomanga while the flood danger level is at 4.50m. Measures to counter the current situation are said to be inadequate; the water accumulation is thus expected to rise.

Further exacerbating the current crisis, some inhabitants from Tsaramasay, Ankaditoha and Anosipatrana have refused to leave their homes. Some others are also complaining that the authorities are not doing their best to preserve the wealth of the people.

The following pictures depict the catastrophe of Chedza:-

chedza cyclone 2


chedza cyclone 3


chedza cyclone 4


chedza cyclone 5


chedza cyclone 6

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