Democracy Index: Mauritius Ranks 17th, Leaving Behind the US, France & India

The latest report on democracy of the Economist Intelligence Unit has been published on Wednesday 21st of January. Mauritius ranked 17th with a total score of 8.17.

Perhaps, what is most surprising is how several affluent countries of the west have lagged behind. Indeed, the US, France, Italy and India have all scored lower marks, as depicted below.

Score   Rank
US:           8.11     19th
France:    8.04   23rd
India:       7.92    27th
Italy:        7.85    29th

Mauritius is the African country having scored the highest mark. It was then followed by Botswana which won the 28th rank with 7.87 marks.

Our country has excelled in the section “civil freedom” with 9.71 marks. For that of “electoral procedure and pluralism”, Mauritius got 9.17 marks. However, the country’s performance when it comes to political participation is not as good, with only 5.0 marks.

The first position went to Norway, with a score of 9.93.

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