Fuel Transport Contract Between The State & Betamax Reviewed

Renegotiating the State’s contract of fuel transport with firm Betamax, the latter belonging to the family of an ex-minister, would save the country a considerable amount of money, according to SAJ.


Last week, it was announced that the State Trading Corporation (STC) would soon strike a new agreement with the firm Betamax for the transport of fuel. The Prime Minister, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, thus intends to save around Rs 5 billion that will then be injected into the allocation of pension for the elderly of the country.

According to SAJ, the contract needs to be reviewed because of the extreme wastage of money entailed. The amount of money that was initially decided upon in the contract was two times the price from the market. The tanker of Betamax, the Red Eagle, was estimated to be worth $ 60 million, and it was rented by the STC at $ 20 million per year. The STC would therefore have paid $ 300 million to Betamax over a period of 15 years. As a matter of fact, renegotiating the contract will decrease the excessive expenses of the State.

Also, Betamax belongs to the in-laws of the ex-minister of the PTr, Rajesh Jeetah. SAJ has expressed himself freely concerning what he believes to be a crime against the Mauritian population, whereby agreements were made in favour of “bann copin-copine” without tenders being sent out and without any transparency whatsoever.

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