Heavy Rainfall Expected in Mauritius Today Too (23.01.15)

Many more houses have been inundated yesterday, 22nd of January, at Rose-Belle, Flacq and Nouvelle-France. A communiqué was issued by the meteorological station of Vacoas today afternoon to warn the Mauritian population of the torrential rain to hit the island. The current situation is expected to persist.

L'Unite, Flacq

L’Unite, Flacq

The weather is being influenced by high humidity, and a zone of convergence. The South, East and central plateau have been the most affected.

In three hours yesterday afternoon, much rain has drenched some areas of the country.

Rose-Belle: 91.2 mm
Providence: 74.6 mm
Mon Bois: 28.2 mm
Queen Victoria: 26 mm

Between 9h00 to 15h00, firemen have been called upon more than 30 times today to help the inhabitants whose houses have been flooded with the rainwater. 11 teams have been despatched to assist people all across Mauritius; 4 of them have been at Rose-Belle, which seems to be the most affected.

Thankfully, the roads remained negotiable.

The same weather trend is expected today, according to the Mauritius Meteorological Station.

Inhabitants of many regions have posted pictures depicting the rainy weather online.

CDM Akshay Pursun

Camp De Masque; Photo Credits: Akshay Pursun

Mt Ida Mushii Mush

Mt Ida; photo credits: Mushii Mush

New Grove C. Ramloll

New Grove; photo credits: Celina Ramloll

L'Unite, Flacq 2
L’Unité, Flacq

L'Unite, Flacq
L’Unité, Flacq

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