Highlands To Become The New Capital City & Port-Louis, The Transformed Port Town

Port-Louis will ultimately no longer be our capital. In ten years’ time, its rank will be reduced to port city, while the capital city will move to Highlands, where the administrative center will have evolved. The project was initially mentioned, some weeks back, by Minister Nando Bodha as part of the governmental programme.

Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, announced the plan during an event held at the Customs House of the Mauritius Revenue Authority at Mer-Rouge. He explained that the new town Highlands that is currently under development with a number of construction projects being executed will possibly grow into the administrative center in a decade. Highlands will then house the Parliament, the court, the council of ministers, as well as the ministries.

What will become of Port-Louis?

Port-Louis has always been known as the beloved capital with the main governmental activities occurring from there. When the project of turning Highlands into the capital city will be executed, Port-Louis is expected to become a port town with a Regional Bunkering Hub – it might lose its allure as capital city, but it will have its own developments to be known by.

Therefore, the project will not only entail the transformation of Highlands, but also, that of Port-Louis.

Ships that will travel in the vicinity of the island will be able to stop by Mauritius for refuelling purposes. According to the Minister of Finance, this will constitute an extraordinary business development.

Transforming the port

The bunkering which will become a new part of the port will be designed to extend over 2 km.

A dock will be made available for cruise ships, the customs department and the free port.

The Handling Cargo will also undergo major changes.

Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo added that three foreign groups, coming from Australia, Singapore and Qatar, have already come forth showing their interest in the project.

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