Hill Crumbling on Terre-Rouge-Verdun Road

Adding up to the burden of the enlarging cracks on the part of the Terre-Rouge-Verdun motorway that is situated in between the two roundabouts of Ripailles and Valton is the now crumbling hill: yet another danger lurking over Mauritians.

Photo via Lexpress

Recently, cracks were observed on the hill. A large chunk was seen to be in the process of breaking away from the greater mass making up the hill. A zone of around 100 meters in width is currently affected by the new problem.

The authorities have not yet made any comment on this new ‘plot twist’; minister Nando Bodha did not respond to reporters’ questions pertaining to the hill. The circumstances concerning the road cracks were considered bad enough already. Though, Nando Bodha did say that the technical analysis done so far reflects the worsening situation: the cracks have been widening, with the implications getting more serious than ever.

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