Jet-Skiing Permits Suspended By Ministry of Tourism

The permits for jet-skiing have been suspended after the Ministry of Fisheries and the coastguard communicated the negative impacts of the recreational activity to the Ministry of Tourism.
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Jet-skiing might be something of the past now. The Ministry of Tourism has recently – a week ago – suspended the permits of two firms, NorthWest Fun Ltd and Blue-Shell Ltd, both of which would cater for this service. The former is owned by Jayraj Woochit and the latter by Hemant Kumar Dookun. From what is apparent, the licenses to operate will not be renewed; rather, they might be cancelled once and for all.

Jet-skiing was introduced in the island in January 2014. Its advent had a certain controversial side to it. For instance, both Hemant Kumar Dookun and Jayraj Woochit were known to be close to the ex-Government. Moreover, the 700 cc engines were considered to be a threat to the marine ecosystem. The recreational activity had a rough start in this regard. Usually, when the permit expiry dates are reached, the renewal procedures are started right away. But, this is not going to be the case.

The Ministry of Fisheries and the coastguard had previously evaluated the impact of the activity on the environment. The information was relayed to the Tourism Authority which thereafter proceeded with the suspension of the permits.

According to what has been related from the Ministry of Tourism, the non-compliance of the responsible parties of the firms with the security norms led to the degradation of the marine environment. Furthermore, the inhabitants of the region together with fishermen had deplored the presence of the jet-skis in the ocean in the past.

The Ministry of Tourism also highlighted that the suspension of the permits was not a political action.

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